Unfortunately, tooth decay does not avoid even small children. Unfortunately, parents often underestimate the care of their children's teeth. Warning is the fact that in the Czech Republic, only 15-20% of children aged 5 to 6 have healthy teeth. Responsible parents should bring their newborn babies to the dentist already at around one year of their life. Parents should know that the condition of the temporary child's dentition can affect the state of the permanent dentition.

WHY DOES dental caries happen to children’s teeth?

Tooth decay causes causative bacteria which convert sugars to acids. These acids then dissolve the enamel. Tooth edecay can occur in children's teeth very early, often after tooth eruption. In most cases, it is so-called bottle caries or honey teeth. This effect usually occurs on the upper incisors and causes incorrect teeth cleaning and intense long-term effects of sugar, usually in beverages. Often, the children who suffer from bottle caries of sweet drink (milk, tea, and slurry) before sleep. It is necessary to know that it takes two years for the enamel to be mature and to take minerals from saliva. During this period, the teeth are very prone to tooth decay.

Do not treat primary teeth!

It is not true that primary dentition does not need to be treated. Untreated decay can cause a child not only painful health complications but also has other serious health risks, especially psychological. A visit to alertness, hospitalization and painful treatment, and even the usual application of local anesthesia, further exacerbate the fear of the child from further treatment, with which one should fight through whole life.

Prevent the traumatic experience of your child and visit us in time!

During our visit, parents will get information on how to properly care for the teeth of the baby and how to choose the right tools for cleaning baby teeth. In case of tooth decay, the dental office has a chance to detect any problems in time. If necessary, we recommend possible orthodontic treatment. We always ask parents to have regular dental care for proper access and prevention.


Most babies and toddlers will not be able to brush their teeth without your help. Until they can do it alone, they always need to clean their teeth with parents help. We also encourage parents to have good dental hygiene which help children to learn from them how to properly clean their teeth. It must be remembered that parents are responsible for the condition of their child’s teeth.


Start to clean the baby's teeth as soon as possible (from the first teeth)

Take preventive checkups (twice a year)

Do not let a child drink a sweet drink from the bottle especially during night and before sleep

Get rid of a child's unhealthy habit such as thumb sucking

Helping children clean their teeth

IN OUR dental clinic, children’s dental treatment has an especial attention

We accept children of any age in our dental clinic.

The basic procedures we provide include sealing of fissures and local fluoridation

Sealing the fissure

Teeth grooves are easily affected by dental caries. Likewise, the so-called blind hole from the side of the tooth can be partially covered by the gums and cannot be cleaned. We can prevent caries from forming at these risky places by so-called tooth seals. In this procedure, the fissures are slightly enlarged and the space is poured with a thin layer of composite material, white resin. The tooth surface is thus aligned to prevent mechanical dental plaque clinging and consequent tooth decay. We also recommend fissure sealing of the teeth to children of patients who have an increased family history of tooth decay.

Local fluoridation

Fluoridation means the application of fluorides to the surface layers of the tooth enamel. By fluoridation, we increase the resistance of the teeth to the acids that make the bacteria in the plaque. If systemic fluoride in water, food and toothpastes is not effective in preventing dental caries, we also provide local fluoridation in our dental clinic. Using local fluoridation and high fluoride drugs, we can treat the onset of dental caries, tooth demineralization, and sensitive teeth, especially in risk groups such as children with orthodontic appliances, as well as in patients after radiation therapy.


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