We provide superior care at a reasonable price Prices of individual interventions depends on the extent of the problem and requirement. The exact cost of treatment determined by the physician based on examination and consultation with the customer. Detailed price list is available for inspection in the office.


Entrance examination (children and adults) Covered by health insurance
Preventive examinations Covered by health insurance
Digital imaging X-ray and OPG Covered by health insurance
Local anesthesia Covered by health insurance
Dental Hygiene (30-60 minutes) 1500,- Kč
Treatment of dental caries (white seal-Dental composite) from 1 800,- Kč
Treatment of dental caries (sklionomerni filled) from 1 400 Kč
Crown melato-ceramic from 7 500,- Kč
All-ceramic crown from 10 000,- Kč
Endodontics (root canal treatment one root canal) from 2 000,- Kč
Home bleaching 5 500,- Kč