What is the meaning of STOMATOLOGY?

Restorative dentistry is a conservative method in which we try to maintain as much of undamaged hard dental tissue as we do during dental treatment. Good technology and high-quality devices, such as panoramic X-ray (OPG), help us to make the right decision during treating the patient. By using this device, we can accurately detect hidden problems of the teeth, jaw cavity, or bone tissue.

We will always explain and consult with the patient all possible treatment. In case of treating dental caries, making dental fillings, or treating root canals, we guarantee gentle and painless performance of all treatments using modern and gentle types of local anesthetics. Our goal is aesthetic precision, top care and, above all, patient satisfaction.


Tooth decay is a bacteria caused by an infectious disease that attacks hard dental tissue. Gradually spreads with enamel and dentin, or toothpaste, to the depth of the tooth towards the tooth pulp/nerve.


We try to treat dental decay painlessly and as least invasive as possible. In the case of common dental caries, we only treat the cavities with dental fillings. We generally treat dental caries under local anesthetics. The sooner we diagnose the problem, the faster and easier it can be the result of the treatment.

Treatment of tooth decay

At our offices in Zborovská Street in Prague 5 and Na Strži in Prague 4 we are ready to provide all patients with first-class care. We treat dental caries painlessly and we use all kinds of fillings according to the patient's wishes with respect to the maximum preservation of dental tissue.


We use these types of dental fillings:

Photocomposite filler (so-called white filling)

For the treatment of dental caries in the visible area of ​​the dentition, or at the request of the patient in the back are of the dentition, we use the so-called white fillings, which are made of composite materials. Composite materials are constantly developing and improving and aesthetically achieve almost perfection. It corresponds not only the same color of dentition and enamel but also various pigments and stains on the teeth. The lifetime of these fillings can be estimated in the order of several years.

Glass ionomer fillings

Glass ionomer fillings are so-called white fillings made of glass ionomeric cements, which have excellent anti-vandal properties and good dental adhesion. They usually have a more intense white color and are abraded mechanically, more stressed places and a bit faster than composite or amalgam. Therefore these type of filling usually used in case of making cervical fillings, for the treatment of caries in children, and sometimes also in combination with composite materials such as sandwich fillings.

Amalgam fillings (capsule amalgam)

Amalgam ranks among the final filler materials. At the first amalgam was used 150 years ago. It is an alloy of mercury and other metals, especially silver, copper and tin. Amalgam is still one of the longest used dental materials. ADA (American Dental Association) regularly publishes scientific opinions confirming its safety. Amalgam has an excellent features, a thin layer of metal oxides is formed on the contact surface between the tooth and the filler, which can seal this joint against the entry of bacteria. High quality amalgam filling is usually the most durable filling. In our office we use high quality amalgam of renowned companies that guarantee the correct composition of amalgam sawdust.

Dental pulp is made up of dental nerve and blood vessels. If the bacterial infection penetrates the dentin up to the dental pulp, it becomes inflamed so called inflammation of the nerve. This inflammation is irreversible and, over time, nerve death occurs. Inflammation is usually manifested by varying degrees of pain in response to heat stimuli (cold and warm). Later the pain spread to the head, ear and make you sleepless. If the tooth affected, the inflammation is spread through the root canal into the bone and tooth tip, so-called abscess is formed.


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